Haytap - Prison of Innocence

Have you ever wanted to see a prison? What does a murderer, a rapist look like?
Did you even want to show them to your kids?
Have you ever wanted to witness a prisoner killing himself when you go for a fun day?
So why do you witness creatures living in prison without any crime?
Moreover, they are not a thief, a murderer, or a rapist.
But they are condemned to live a life of imprisonment for people to earn money and have fun ...
Zoos have been taken away from their nature, taken away from their lives, people's entertainment equipment
full of innocent creatures. Living beings who risk dying because of their unhappiness.
Zoos; They are prisons where innocence is imprisoned.
And we humans cannot stop their captivity unless we say stop.

Brand: Haytap

Account Director: Ceren Gül

Art Director: Merve Keleşoğlu, Semih Keleşoğlu

Copywriter: Duha Keleşoğlu